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Sales are the commercial engine of your business and sales leaders are tasked with driving growth and profitability. In a world of uncertainty, rapidly evolving technology and changing competitive landscape, there are numerous challenges for sales leaders tasked with taking sales performance to the next level.

Typically these challenges fall under the following themes:

Avoiding Commoditisation and Low Margins

Stiff competition and difficulties in differentiating your offering can result in sales people defaulting to price, excessive discounting and an erosion of margin and profitability.

Proactive Account Growth

Lack of growth or penetration from your existing account base, too few customer spreading across different product or service lines and an over reliance on lower level contacts within the account.

Conversion of sales opportunities

Too much time, effort and expense on sales opportunities that don’t ultimately convert into revenue leading to a higher cost of sale and lower results

Getting accurate Forecasting

Delays and deals slipping back mean that forecasting becomes pure guesswork and is symptomatic of a lack of both visibility and control over the sales process.

Increasing New Customer Acquisition

Sellers, and the business overall, are too heavily reliant on the existing customer base for revenue which is limiting the potential for growth and exposing the business to increased risk.

Increasing Average Spend/Product Mix

Missed opportunities for cross and up sell leaving revenue and profit on the table and a low number or service lines per customer making them more vulnerable to switching to a competitor.

The Book

Our new book takes a deep dive into all the skills, tactics and strategies required to become Transformational Sellers

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